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I do not like pain and suffering. Some people are healed, yet most diseases are from cause and effect. It is smoking, overeating, where we live, what we are exposed , our ancestry genes,  all have have an effect on our quality of life.  Some people get everything, the flu, cancer, some people are strong as a bull. A lot of people eat junk food and can’t understand why they are fat.

I remember when I was a little girl we lived in a housing project in St.Louis. The apartment complex was regularly sprayed. All the children played on the grass barefooted in those days.  I  vomited when I went outside to play after the building was fumigated. I distinctly recall getting very sick.  That was when dangerous chemicals were used everywhere.

God gives us wisdom to take care of our bodies. Some people  do, some  people constantly abuse their  bodies with drugs or food,  whatever addiction they have. If only they  would seek him and find that peace that passeth understanding. He will hold them in his arms and comfort them if they seek him. He has done this for me. His arms are so strong.