God has allowed me to live sixty-eight years. I am very thankful he has given me this time. One of my earliest memories is when I was four years old. My sister Pauline was sixteen and she was my first teacher. We lived on Second Street in St.Louis Missouri. She bought a blackboard,chalk, and an eraser. I don’t know where she got the money, we were very poor. Pauline was a very dedicated teacher. She had a God given gift to teach. Honestly she was the very best teacher I  ever had. Pauline  had a pure kind of love, patience, and I was her star pupil. I would recite  my ABC’S  and write each letter on the blackboard. I loved playing school. My sister  faithfully taught me Psalm 23 and The Lord’s  Prayer. She taught me how to have faith.

We went to church every Sunday, to  a rather reserved church. I did have Bible study at 14 and got confirmed. I learned from my sister Pauline what true love was. I received love from  my sister and brothers.  They had their own lives, some of them had children my age or older. The attention Pauline gave my brother Archie and me was very special. I was the thirteenth and Archie the fourteenth child. I miss my sister Pauline.